Frequently Asked Questions

What interested you in the WoodSpring Suites℠ business opportunity at the outset?
When asked this question, many of our current franchisees had the same answer: lower risk, a stable model and attractive returns. Not many businesses can say that they grew exponentially in a down economy and continue to grow and yield strong results.

How does the brand provide value to a franchisee?
The WoodSpring Suites team guides a franchisee through the entire development process. From construction support, to property management, to ongoing training programs, and especially to driving revenue to properties, WoodSpring Suites strives to assist all of its franchisees and properties into being successful.

Why would I build a WoodSpring Suites vs. another economy extended stay brand?
The proven stabilization of the brand is what attracts many of our franchisees, along with our unique staffing model and consistency of brand standards across all properties.

How does the brand assist a franchisee in terms of marketing, sales and driving revenue to the property?
Woodspring Suites has a team of highly seasoned sales, marketing, ecommerce and hotel distribution professionals focused on driving revenue to your hotel.  Between the website, our digital marketing efforts, our 24/7 contact center, connectivity with online third parties, our national sales team, and our on-property marketing support – from the moment you join the WoodSpring Suites brand, we’re filling your hotel with guests.

WoodSpring Suites property development appears to be constructed to minimum standards. Does that translate into minimum standard property maintenance and exterior property maintenance?
Absolutely not. We build every WoodSpring Suites from the ground up and always meet and oftentimes exceed all code requirements that apply to our projects. We also have a quality assurance program in place that governs both internal and external property maintenance, cleanliness and safety.

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