Being away from home for a week or longer can be expensive, stressful, and complicated. Often times it feels like extended stay hotels have made things way too difficult for our guests and that they’re paying too much for things they don’t even need.

At WoodSpring Suites, we make sure our guests get exactly what they need, simply, and on their terms. With free wifi, a super clean environment, good rooms, pet-friendly hotel policies, and a well-designed kitchen all for a great price – they get the high quality necessities to make them comfortable through their entire stay. They pay for only what they need, and nothing they don’t. And from their initial booking all the way through to check out, we make everything is as easy as possible. So whether they want to be productive, just relax, or simply enjoy their time away, our friendly, down-to-earth staff will ensure they get everything they need – a simple, high quality, hassle-free experience at a price they can afford.

WoodSpring Suites. It’s Simple. Done Better.