Brand Standards Excellence

Our brand standards and Quality Assurance Program is another area where WoodSpring Suites separates itself from other extended stay brands. We operate as simply as possible, with as few team members as possible, while consistently performing at high standards of cleanliness, safety and value for our guests.

Our brand standards have been established by a professional team with experience in numerous other hospitality and business ventures. These standards guide how each property is operated. All properties apply and abide by the same brand standards, creating a uniform experience across our entire system. We work to make the WoodSpring Suites experience not only clean, safe, affordable and simple, but also reliable. These are the foundational elements of our brand.

In addition to our set of brand standards, we provide a set of property management suggested strategies and tactics that we call Best Practices. Best Practices have proven to be effective in helping property management teams create an even better, positive guest experience – while reinforcing unit-level economic objectives, all focused toward successful outcomes for our guests and strategic partners.

Operations Training

We have developed six different education courses, geared toward different functions with our system operations. We also have built multiple training, development and operations forms and tools that are available for use by our franchisees and via our Intranet access resource center.

Learning Initiatives

Manager in training:

  • Target audience: new property managers
  • Minimum three weeks of hands-on field and experience with training coach
  • Focus is on teaching new property managers what they need to know to fulfill their role

WoodSpring Suites has built a set of operating system processes and tools that have helped us become a leader in our industry. Our operating manual is designed to reinforce a consistent delivery of those processes and help property teams adhere to our brand standards. Our focus on clean and safe operations are at the heart of these processes, and are two core mantras of our operating system and manual content.

Revenue Management Services

WoodSpring Suites has an in-house revenue management team that ensures rates are consistent, reviewed regularly and optimized to address market conditions at each property.

Technology Support

Brand-led technology support is comprehensive to our properties’ needs. From reservation management technology to on-property Wi-Fi support, we work to ensure that all property technology is current, streamlined and efficient. We have staff in place to handle all key technology initiatives.

Strategic Sourcing

WoodSpring Suites sources vendors and negotiates best prices on behalf of the entire lodging system. We test products and services at our properties, and vendors go through a rigid vendor approval process before being allowed to partner with us.