Site Selection Services

WoodSpring Suites Development applies a strategic model to researching every location considered for development. We work with brokers, lenders and communities on behalf of both the brand and franchisees to choose sites that will best position a new WoodSpring Suites property.

Construction Advisory Services

WoodSpring Suites offers additional operational support services to franchisees to help guide the process of development and assist with keeping the job on time.

Construction Project Management

Our franchisees have access to a proven, read-to-build prototype design that can expedite the construction and development process.

Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment Supply Line Management

Our brand standards are reflected not only in the buildings and operations of the WoodSpring Suites properties, but also in the furniture and products that fill the rooms. All materials must be brand-approved and adhere to the same rigid standards of operation, cleanliness and safety. We constantly evaluate the effectiveness of our in-room furniture and appliances and make regular updates to our product offering. We work with vendors to stock an appropriate supply of back up furniture, fixtures and appliances for properties to update as needed.

We have also developed a forecasting tool for our strategic partners and property management companies to forecast the needs of their properties. This allows our vendors to adjust their production levels based on our needs.